Fun Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

So far, it has been a scorcher this summer. But are you tired of just bobbing around in the water trying to avoid the heat? Bring the fun to the water with this list of games that are great for in the pool or at the beach!



KanJam SPLASH isn’t your mother’s pool game. SPLASH brings all of the fun and excitement of the original KanJam game and simply adds water, making it one of this summer’s best water games.

KanJam SPLASH is highly portable and easy to set up, making it the perfect beach game.

SPLASH can be played in any body of water and will bring endless hours of fun to your summer.


Floating Pong

A built-in cooler that holds up to 18 beverages, 10 cup pong setup on each side, and can act as a floating lounge. What’s not to love?

Stay thirsty my friends…


Splash Hoop Floating Basketball Game

Competition rises to the next level when you add this game to the mix. The Splash Hoop assembles quickly and is great for all ages to enjoy some basketball while in the water. Whether it’s a free-throw challenge, or a replica of the March Madness tournament with your friends, we can promise you that “shooting hoops” will escalate very quickly.


Floating Water Polo Net

Get the rotator cuff warmed up. There’s just something about zinging water polo balls across the pool at your sibling standing in net that can’t be beat. A YardSports family favorite, and great for all ages.


Airwedge Inflatable Beach Chair (2 Pack)

Okay, so maybe you do want to just bob around in the water. We don’t blame you, summer is hot, and life is tough. Kick back, relax, and float.


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