The Best Backyard Games for Summer 2021

The sun is hot, the beverages are cold, and you are looking to get outside and enjoy a nice summer's day with friends and family. We can guarantee a fun time for everyone with our Top 10 picks for this summer's Best Backyard Games! Perfect games for bringing to the cottage or for hosting a small group of people in the yard - here is a list of what we think are going to be this summer's hottest picks for Backyard Games!

10 - Kan Jam

KanJam Backyard Games

This game has gained a ton of popularity, mainly because of how simple it is from start to finish. The "Kans" are light weight and easy to transport or store, and you don't need much space to play. Beyond throwing a Frisbee, this game doesn't require a ton of skill so everyone can get involved. Our Rules: All participants must be holding a beverage in one hand at all times while playing


9 - Battle Chip Backyard Golf Game

Backyard Golf Battle Chip

Cornhole, meet golf. This game is growing rapidly to be one of the best backyard golf games on the market! Combining the concepts of the ever popular Cornhole and a bit of golf talent, players must chip a golf ball into a hole in the board to receive points. Difficulty can increase by the distance the boards are from the golfer. The nice thing, you can secretly practice this game all on your own and be a certain champion when it comes time to battle your friends and family. 


8 - Slackline

Slackline for Yard

Want to test your balance? "Slacklining" is growing to become a casual pass-time for people to get outside and enjoy their summer with a more active approach. Attach the line between 2 trees (low to the ground) and see how far you can walk across before losing your balance. A great way to create some relaxed challenges with your friends.


7 - Ladder Toss

Ladder Toss Game

A fan-fave for backyard activities. Toss the "Bolos" onto the ladder rungs to earn your team points. A perfect backyard game for kids to enjoy! We recommend the pro model to our customers at YardSports. Although it is a bit more expensive than the cheaper plastic versions, the durability, performance, and look is definitely worth the investment. We always try our best to provide you with a quality product that you can be confident in bringing to a cottage weekend and not feeling like a bit of a goof when it breaks on day 2. 


6 - Golf Practice Net & Mat

Golf Backyard Practice Net

We're here to help you yell "FORE" a little less while out on the course. This golf practice net allows you to safely practice your swing from your very own backyard. Whether you are just learning to play golf and want to practice on your own before taking it to the course, or you're planning to play in the PGA Tour this year, the Golf Practice Net & Mat is perfect for all levels of golfers (exception for Happy Gilmore)


 5 - Cornhole

Perhaps the most notable backyard game, it's tough not to have this one in the Top 5 list. With our Fold-Up Aluminum Cornhole Set you can easily bring this game with you to the tailgate or to the cottage. It's also easy to store, but chances are you won't need to as someone will be playing this at all times. Our suggestion, create a tournament with friends and family and really see the true colors of competition shine...


4 - Washer Toss

One of the most popular lawn games, Washer Toss is a family-friendly way to take your game night outside and enjoy a nice evening this summer. Feeling artsy? Our customers have been known to deck out their Washer Toss boxes with their own stickers or painted designs! Message us if you're interested in getting one custom made for you!


3 - Giant Connect 4

Ranking in as our top game for kids this summer, this Giant Connect 4 game comes in both 3ft and 4ft sizes. A fun way to enjoy a classic board game in a mega-mode out in the sun. Durable and safe pieces to reduce the risk of choking hazards that small board games may have for kids, set it up in the yard and have them play for hours! Also a great option for business events and activations! 


2 - Crossnet

One of our personal favorites at YardSports, and highly sought after (we sold out within the first week of posting this game to our site) Crossnet is going to be one of the best games for in the yard or at the beach this summer. Combining volleyball and 4-square, claim your spot as King of the Court in one of our top ranking games!


1 - Spikeball

Our winner for summer 2021 is one of the hottest games on the market. Growing in popularity across the world, this game has evolved from family fun on the weekend, to full-blown international competitions. We believe Spikeball is going to reign as the most popular backyard game this year. If you haven't played before, please check it out...we promise it's worth your time! 

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