Best KanJam House Rules

There are not many things better than a game of KanJam outside on a nice sunny day.  Few people would agree with this statement more than my college roommates and I.  In our university days, we were known around the neighbourhood for always playing on our front lawn, to the point where there were two very distinct patches of mud that had worn away with use where we stood to play.  These made it very easy to find the spacing for our game (not that we ever took the Kans down), and tied together the look of our front lawn court that was completed by a leather couch that we had found on the curb and become prime seating for spectators.  This setup was beloved by us.  Our landlords?  Not so much.

Over the years, through a lack of knowledge of the real rules and an underlying belief that we were smarter than everyone else, our games evolved from the default rules to a similar version that we preferred.  Some guests liked the changes, others hated them, and most just didn't know the difference - but hey, that's why they're called House Rules.  If you're looking for the official playing guidelines, you can find them here, but for a few twists on the game that we think will spice it up, keep on reading.

1. All Deflections Must be Made with Only One Hand
One of the most popular variations on the rules, many people wrongly believe this to be an official rule. While not actually the case, it is hard to imagine playing KanJam without a frosty beverage in your non-throwing hand, and in most cases is implemented out of necessity.  Punishments for spilling your drink?  That's up to you.

2. Going Over 21 Points Puts you Back to 15
A little bit more detrimental than the default rules, we always played with the score resetting to 15 if your team scores over 21.  We found this to be a good balance between punishing players for scoring too much, while not causing a major setback (back to back Buckets and you're right back at 21)!

3. Redemption
Rather than play with the Hammer in accordance with default rules, we played with a beer pong style redemption rule, in which the losing team will always have a chance to match their opponents' 21 points, no matter who shot first.  The catch here is that an Instant Win on redemption is only good enough to tie, not win.  Should both teams be at 21 points after redemption, the scores reset to 15-15 and the game carries on.

4. Play is as it Lies
Not much of an issue for experienced players, this rule can cause headaches for erratic throwers.  Under this rule, each throw must be taken from where it is picked up (with an exception for backing up to at least 50 feet).  This can be difficult to enforce, as a conniving player could intentionally throw the disc far away in order to set up a more difficult shot for their opponent.

5.  Leaners
One of our more controversial house rules, this one requires a lot more luck than skill.  If the disc comes to rest against the outside of the Kan with one end in the air and one end on the ground, a "Leaner" is awarded (one point).  This can be given as a standalone point (maybe you really messed up and it rolled to the Kan) or as a bonus point (ie after getting one point for a Dinger, the disc comes to rest leaning against the Kan for one point, two total).

 6. Razor Blade Embedded Frisbees

On second thought, this move might work better if you're a dashingly handsome DEA agent hunting Uzi wielding Hawaiian drug dealers in a cheesy 80s action movie.  While YardSports does not endorse adding razor blades to your KanJam Disc, we do endorse the 1987 classic Hard Ticket to Hawaii.

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