Smart Hockey Training Ball (3 Pack)

Product image 1Smart Hockey Training Ball (3 Pack)
Product image 2Smart Hockey Training Ball (3 Pack)
Product image 3Smart Hockey Training Ball (3 Pack)
Product image 4Smart Hockey Training Ball (3 Pack)
Product image 5Smart Hockey Training Ball (3 Pack)
Product image 6Smart Hockey Training Ball (3 Pack)

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Smarthockey Multipack Smart Hockey Maxx Heavy Ball, Original Ball and Mini Speed Ball Stickhandling & Shooting Training System - 3 Pack 

  • 12 oz MAXX - 2X THE WEIGHT WITH SAME BOUNCE, SLIDE & CONTACT HEIGHT AS AN ICE HOCKEY PUCK: At just over 8 oz (228 g), the MAXX is almost double the weight of the Smarthockey ORIGINAL Training Ball and feels 2X (12oz) as heavy as an ice hockey puck. The contact height 1.09" which is less than one tenth of an inch higher than an ice hockey puck. The added weight combined with the roll and contact height of the MAXX ball strengthens a player's wrists simply by stickhandling and shooting it.

  • 6 oz ORIGINAL - #1 HOCKEY TRAINING BALL IN THE WORLD: The Smarthockey Training Ball is used by top pro, collegiate and junior players across North America, Europe and Asia as an essential part of their hockey training and pre-game warm-up workouts. The Smarthockey Training Ball was developed in 2001 and quickly gained popularity throughout the US, Canada, Sweden, Russia, UK, Germany, Japan and Australia because it mimicked the feeling of stick handling a puck on ice so closely.

  • 3oz MINI - DEVELOP LIGHTNING QUICK, SOFT HANDS: Ever wonder why the Swedes are so good at stickhandling? Have you ever heard of a Swedish Stickhandling Ball? Well if you haven’t, it’s basically a small wooden ball that you can get at any craft shop. The Smarthockey MINI Speed Ball is just a better more durable evolution of the Swedish Stickhandling Ball. Use the MINI Ball to work on puck extension, quick side-to-side, puck rotation and toe drags to see rapid improvement on your hand speed.

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